Octanorm Stall

Octanorm Stall

Exhibition Stall

Exhibition Stall / Octonorm Stall

Octonorm is a significant part of any Events & Exhibition. An Exhibition Stall / Octonorm stall is a customizable system mostly used by Events & Exhibition organizers. It carries a Bunch of element including, Panels, Vertical, Spotlight, a fascia name board available in varied sizes. Every Indian Event Management companies use Octanorm stalls for the client’s Exhibition Event. Octonorm stall is the best option for companies with a low budget at hand, new exhibitors, or smaller Exhibition, Events & Conferences. But that doesn’t mean every new company who thinks Octonorm stall, but even Giant & Multinational companies occupy them too.

In Mumbai wherever Events & Exhibition took place there are two variants or two options for the exhibitor, either he can design the stalls, fabricate the stalls but this process takes time to happen. Now the other option is what we called Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall they don’t take time to be installed this are modular system can be Installed & Dismantle easily.

Octonorm stalls are also known as Exhibition stalls. We are one of the top leading Exhibition Stall Design service provider in Mumbai, we also do customized Exhibition Stall Designing, Exhibition Stall Fabrication work from scratch to finish. Octonorm stall is the best company in Mumbai, India as we provide one of the best services in Events & Exhibition for all types of corporate events, conference events, social events, college festivals & More. There is a large requirement of Octonorm stall or Exhibition stalls as it plays a vital role in Events & Exhibition, Octanorm stalls or exhibition stalls help the brand to build a market image or professional image in today’s competitive world.

It has countless benefits in compare of ordinary stalls which listed below :

Convenient & can be used again

It is arranged Systematically

Light Weight

Easy to Install Easy to Dismantle

Size can be easily Modified

Cost effective & cheaper in cost

Less time consuming

Portable easy to Handle

The emerging popularity in Mumbai, India for the Exhibition stall design or Modular stalls, you can contact Octonorm stalls for your upcoming Exhibition & Events. We are the best Event Design Company in Mumbai which will provide you the best Octonorm Stall on rent in Mumbai, India.

Octonorm stalls have the best adviser for your Exhibition display or Exhibition booth designing getting you the best solution for your Exhibition query.

How You can Spice up your Exhibition Stall / Octonorm stall to be more Unique & Exclusive.

  • Artwork :

    Using strong Artwork is one of the most effective ways to change an Octonorm booth and to achieve Uniqueness from other exhibitor neighbors. Artwork or graphics basically are an image that speaks for your business and leaves a strong message.

    Creative artwork & graphics can make the exhibition stall more decorative and more spacious in an area because this vinyl poster on your stall makes your company Exhibition Stall more highly professional. Each and every panel of the Octanorm stalls can be used as a speaker for your stall. Every Panel is assembled in a frame and graphics can be used accordingly.

  • Spice up your Stand Designs with Maxima:

    In the Exhibition Industry, Maxima Stand Design is one of the new trends introduced by the German Octanorm prefabricated stand system. If you need an attractive or uniqueness in your Octonorm booth stand, you can also choose for maxima stands. Maxima will give you a high class in Octonorm systems with unique design, aesthetic structure & rich display. Maxima is a standard of High class. Maxima stall or Maxima stand are a type of Square shape profile which gives the appearance different from the Exhibition Stall / Octonorm stall.

    Maxima Stand designs add uniqueness to your brand as they provide memorability in a fair environment. Maxima is the outstanding ideal system for the reason that it is the system to reflect best special wood modules.

    Maxima Stand Designs create simple, yet sophisticated exhibition booth, without the need for carpentry, painting, or even tools. Furthermore, the intelligent design enables all types of accessories to be incorporated into the system. When you choose it, you take advantage of our years of experience, to create brand value for your company, by showcasing a respectable exhibition booth.

  • Fascia Name:

    Fascia Name plays a vital role in Octonorm or Maxima stand which gives an attractive look by using graphics & artworks. Fascia name can be easily stuck on the fascia part in Exhibition stall or it can be hooked to the maxima Stand, fascia is a part in an Octanorm stall or Maxima stand where you can display your company name.

  • Get the lay of Red carpet:

    Carpet is an element in the whole Events & Exhibition Industry which makes the Exhibition Booth more lavish and attractive. By changing the color of the Exhibition stall carpet it simply changes the ambiance looks of the Octanorm stalls. Our company Octonorm Stalls can provide you different colors of carpet as you can book it in advance.

  • You can art your Octonorm walls with attractive colors:

    Octonorm Booth Stall is a display which is built from individual panels each panel are of the size 1-meter width. Every panel can be a frame up and assembled to any size of the Exhibition Stall. You can change the colors of the panel as per your theme.